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 Who is this program for?

  • Kids needing a supportive environment due to focus challenges in a traditional full day setting, while still enjoying social play everyday.

  • Hands-on learners seeking an engaging educational approach.

  • Families desiring more bonding time together

  • Children eager for extracurricular activities after school hours without the full-day school fatigue.

  • Young athletes striving to excel with focused training, giving the ability to train morning and night. - Families craving flexibility for vacations and family days.

  • Homeschooling families needing a drop-off option for work or errands.

  • Families wanting to homeschool without the full teaching responsibility, finding support and structure in our program.

Our program follows Option 3 homeschool guidelines, offering maximum flexibility. Your child can learn at their own pace, zooming through subjects they grasp or taking their time with tougher ones.

Who is this for:




11:45- 2:45p Monday-Friday



Thomas Gymnastics at The Beach, 112 Surgeons Dr., Myrtle Beach, SC.


Cost: $350 per month


Registration: Opens Feb. 26th, $150 non-refundable SUPPLY FEE


When will it start: You will be registering for the 2024-2025 school year. The co-op schedule will follow the Horry County Public Schools schedule. CLICK HERE for the school year calendar.


How To Sign Up:


Step 1: Click the button below to create/login to your parent portal account to sign up and save your spot NOW! 

'24-'25 School Year:

Register Here

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