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Ninja Classes


Do you and your child love to watch and aspire to be an American Ninja Warrior! ​ American Ninja Warrior has sparked interest in kids all around the world and ninja classes for kids and is the most popular child activity on the market right now. These Ninja’s will learn Obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement. We are excited to offer Myrtle Beach’s first and only Ninja program for boys and girls. ​ Our GO NINJA program will offer 6 different levels. Once your child masters all 6 levels, they will be crowned Thomas Gymnastics American Ninja Warrior!

Boys and Girls Ages 3 Years and up

Preschool Ninja - $94/Monthly

45 Minutes / Once A Week

Ninja Level 1 - $94/Monthly

55 Minutes / Once A Week

Ninja Level 2 - $113/Monthly

85 Minutes / Once A Week

Our Ninja’s will:

  • Learn cool ninja tricks

  • Run, jump, kick, flip, and climb

  • Gain Confidence

  • Gain Discipline

  • Gain Strength and Flexibility



Myrtle Beach


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