We are so excited about the launch of our online, virtual at-home classes! During these classes we will be focusing on exercising, stretching, basic skills and drills that they typically learn in the gym, and anything else we can work on with minimal equipment. While we will do our best to work on all 4 events, please understand that these classes will focus mostly on the basic floor skills, stretching, and getting the kids moving and active through exercise movements. With that being said, let me explain to you how you will access the classes.

We are running the classes through an app called Zoom. Please go onto your phone, iPad, computer and download the app. It should be free and you will just need to register and allow the app to access your camera and microphone. This will give us access to see and hear you guys so that we can both communicate to each other when learning.

Gymnasts feel free to wear your leotard for class, just like any other day. Boys, Ninjas, and tumblers make sure you wear athletic clothing you can easily move around!


You can use an Ipad, Iphone, tablet, etc. However, if you do use a laptop please make sure you have enough bandwidth for the video not to freeze up. Finally, please bare with us as we navigate this new area of our program! We think it will be a great asset to keep the kids involved during the pandemic, so feel free to give us any feedback, ideas, and advice to make it better!

**Not a member? No problem! See how you can participate below!

4 options to participate if you are not an active member:

1.) Pay the normal monthly tuition and receive free access to the virtual class program and when life goes back to normal you get to come to class in the gym twice a week for each week you are stuck at home and not able to come to an in gym class.

2.) Pay the normal tuition rate and receive free access to the live classes and be able to use your payment towards future tuition payments when life goes back to normal

3.) Make a donation of any amount. Just send us a message of how much you would like to make

4.) Pay nothing but take a picture or video of your gymnast participating and post on social media tagging our gym and using the hashtag #ThomasGymnasticsOnline

Why FREE? We got in this business because we love the sport of gymnastics and the many different skills it can give you athletically as well as in life. The second reason is to help teach kids to live an active and healthy lifestyle and now is more important than ever to do that! We hope you will join us!

During this time it can be scary for individuals as well as small businesses. If we close down the $1,000's of dollars in overhead expenses do not go away. We just ask that you please support us in one of the options above. Share this with your family and friends near and far! We look forward to seeing you guys online!

Missed class? No problem. Click the link below to watch and practice along with the recorded version!


- Participating in these online classes you agree to actively supervise your child and ensure that they do not attempt to try anything that they are not physically and mentally ready to do by themselves without a coach spotting them.

- You are responsible for making sure that your child has enough space to perform skills being practiced.

- These online virtual classes record sound and video. By participating, you agree that you understand that your child and their surroundings are being recorded and may be viewed by others.